This natural fermentation process is slower than that of bakers’ yeast, and it is this longer process that also develops a fuller flavour, as well as enabling the culture of Lactic acid bacteria, which assists in the bread being more easily digested than some other types of bread.

The use of sourdough techniques are currently enjoying a revival, but are actually nothing new to the bread-making process. In fact the cultivation of bakers’ yeast is only around 150 years old, and although previous to that ‘barm’ was skimmed from fermenting ale, the use of starters or levain is ancient.

At Infinity Foods Bakery we make several types of sourdough which contain no added or manufactured yeasts, as well as using pre-ferments (called ‘chefs’ or ‘sponges’)  in our other breads, which enable us to cut down the amount of bakers’ yeast in those breads also.