It is with great sadness that we announce that the trustees of our friends, neighbours and tenants, The Brighton Natural Health Centre have decided that, after 42 years, they can no longer afford to run the studios at the centre in Regent Street and will have to close down its operations there. The final classes will take place on January 28th.

There were hopes that a successful fund-raising campaign – for which profound thanks to all the donors – would enable them to continue until Spring and give them enough time to seek alternative funding, but a number of unexpected events meant this is no longer financially possible.

The remaining part of the funds raised will (subject to the agreement of the donors) at least enable them to continue with their outreach projects and maintain the website and YouTube channel, which hosts a wealth of knowledge talks on various aspects of personal and planetary health. They will also help develop exciting plans for a future expanded BNHC that better suits the needs of our city.

We join the BNHC in extending our gratitude to the hundreds of teachers and thousands of students who have been part of BNHC in Regent Street over the past 42 years, as well as the wonderful staff. BNHC has been a beacon in the city, helping to make Brighton and Hove a centre of health and wellbeing.

Although the building closure marks an end to this chapter, it also frees BNHC to start a new exciting phase.

Read more about the future of the BNHC on their website.