Caring for our


Our energy is sourced from green suppliers in order to reduce our environmental footprint. In 2010 we installed a green sedum roof. These valuable ecosystems provide a refuge for urban wildlife and help reduce the impact of flash summer storms.

We recycle all our glass, cans, plastic, ‘Tetra-Pak’ and cardboard waste, we work closely with Brighton Paper Round to maximise our recycling rate.
Any unsold bread is donated to local homeless shelters or food waste interception. Infinity Foods own-brand stock arrives in boxes that are flat-packed and returned to our warehouse where they are used time and time again, saving on energy.

Our own-branded goods are 100% recyclable using the carrier bag recycling points at large stores. In 2020 we began switching over to LDPE4 plastic. To find out more, read our plastic statement for more info about what we are doing to change our own branded packaging.

In 2018 we installed a free water fountain in store for the people of Brighton & Hove, alongside our extensive range of metal water bottles and other plastic-free products.