Feel like a natural woman

By: Melinda Yates

I’m going to get straight to the point with this one ladies, lets talk about our periods. We all have to deal with it on a physical level, and unfortunately we all have to deal with it on a financial and environmental level. Having a period costs us money, which seems unfair considering all the emotional and physical stuff that goes along with it. It can also cost the environment as most commercial menstrual products are full of plastic! I’m here today to help you find the best ways to save money AND the environment, by being the most incredible, ethical woman you can.

At Infinity Foods, we’re really proud to stock Natracare pads and tampons. Unlike most brands of these feminine hygiene products, Natracare use no plastic in their organic cotton pads and tampons. Instead they use plant-based materials called bioplastics (made from plant starches), cotton and wood pulp. Most sanitary products are made with up to 90% plastic, resulting in bad consequences for the environment as well as your body. Billions of sanitary products end up as waste every year, contributing massively to the devastation that plastic has on our planet. If you are still not quite ready to try reusable items for your ‘time of the month’, Natracare pads and tampons are the way to go. I could write for hours about this great company, but I’ve got other stuff I want to tell you about, so here is a link to their website so you can find out more reasons to use their products.

Another great product we sell is the Mooncup.  Mooncup is a replacement for tampons that eliminates the use for disposables. It’s made of soft, medical grade silicone that is comfortable and easy to use. Once you have your Mooncup you can save loads of money not having to buy tampons because it will last years! It can hold up to three times that of a regular tampon so it’s suitable for heavier days as well as light ones. Read more about how to use the Mooncup on their website.

Lastly, I want to talk about reusable cloth pads and liners. We carry a range made by EcoFemme, a social enterprise made up of an amazing group of women based in India. They divide their work between non-profit programs like education and research as well as commercial activities in which they market and sell their pads. In an idea they call the Eco-Sisterhood – buying one of their products has a contribution included in the price, that enables a program called Pad For Pad. This program gives girls in India the opportunity to become more educated about their own menstrual hygiene as well as a kit of 4 EcoFemme day pads. This helps young women to have a sense of independence that they might otherwise not have, in regards to choices involving their menstrual cycle. Here’s a link to their website if you want to read more about the ‘Cloth Pad Revolution’ and the great work these women do.  For us, the women of Brighton (and the rest of the UK), using EcoFemme pads means way less money spent on disposable pads and liners, along with the confidence and pride that comes from doing the right thing for our environment.

Periods can be exhausting and emotionally draining at times, but in all honesty, I find my periods so much easier to cope with since switching to re-usable and plastic free products. Its given me a sense of solidarity with strong, eco-conscious women, a boosted self-confidence knowing I’m not contributing to the billions of plastic, disposable pads and tampons, as well as a comfort discussing these issues with purpose and pride the way we, as women influencing the next generation, should.