Free organic breakfast- Wake up to Organic

By: Melinda Yates

June 14th is the day we want you to ‘Wake up to Organic’. You can come into the store for a free breakfast made with all organic produce. Most people who live in Brighton have known Infinity Foods for a long time. When it was first set up as a workers co-operative in 1979, the goal was to provide the community with support in living a healthy lifestyle. A lot of things have changed since then, but our goal remains the same.

Occasionally in the store, we come across customers asking if our fresh produce is organic, which of course it is, but because we have new shoppers and out of town visitors all the time, not everyone knows just how particular we are with what we sell. It made me realise that I should tell you all a bit more about it!

All of our fresh fruit and vegetables are organic, and locally sourced where possible. We have the most vibrant rainbow of colours in our veg section of the shop, so the produce looks as good as it is for you. We are really proud of knowing that our customers can come into the store and choose great fresh fruit without having to worry about chemicals and pesticides. We love all of our vegetables because we know they are quality produce, so we never judge them by how they look, although they might give us a bit of a laugh sometimes!

Did you also know that everything made on-site by our wonderful bakers is organic too? They make breads and snacks out of all different types of organic flours so people with any sort of dietary requirements can enjoy what they produce. Teff, rye, rice, tapioca, spelt, white and wholemeal flours are used in our bakery. There are many wheat-free options, loads of yeast-free breads and almost everything is vegan.

Eat more organic food, it tastes better and is better for you…don’t forget to come into the shop on June 14th for your free breakfast of organic goodness.