New! Inspiral Cabbage Crisps – raw, vegan & gluten-free

By: Melinda Yates

Vegetables have been turned into crisps for quite sometime now. Starting with the humble potato, the crisp market has branched out into carrot, parsnip, beetroot, sweet potato and kale. Basically, if a vegetable can be turned into a crisp, it should be, right?

Trust the innovators of many delicious raw, vegan snacks, Inspiral, to bring the new player to the game. That’s right, the folks at Inspiral perfected turning kale in crisp form and have now done the same with cabbage! That’s right, cabbage is the new kale.



These new premium snacks, now available at Infinity Foods, are bursting with flavours that make it hard to stop munching. I was just going to have a taste and share them around, but that didn’t happen. I ate a whole box of the smoky BBQ Chipotle Cabbage crisps while I was doing some work at my computer, and not one ounce of guilt was felt. The raw, organic, air-dried treats are made using real ingredients like apple cider vinegar and spices which have actual health benefits. I had no choice, I had to eat them all because I’m working on getting healthier!

The new cabbage crisps from Inspiral come in BBQ Chipotle and Salt and Pepper varieties. Both are so full of flavour and the texture is light but substantial. The crispness of these precious treats comes from drying out the cabbage leaves for over 18 hours at low temperatures. Find out more by visiting Inspiral online here https://www.inspiral.co/

You can pick up a box of Inspiral cabbage crisps from our snack section of the shop for £3.39.