Merry Christmas!

By: Melinda Yates

We want you to have the happiest Christmas, so we’ve got you covered!


There are so many things to enjoy at Christmas time and if you have special dietary requirements, or are just looking for some special things to add to your holiday feasts, we have so many quality products for you. We have gift ideas for all your friends and family, vegan mince pies, vegan Christmas chocolates, advent calendars, Christmas baking needs, gift boxes of cruelty-free beauty products, and much, much more.

We source fair-trade products wherever we can and making sure our products are ethically produced is one of our many valued principles. We use local suppliers where possible and everything in our bakery and fruit and vegetable departments is certified organic.


V-Bites do a great selection of vegan finger food for Christmas time so that no one has to miss out on their old favourites. Turkey Style Goujons, Mozzarella Style Cheezly Bites, and Lincolnshire sausages wrapped in Cheatin’ Rashers. We have stuffing mixes available, including a gluten-free variety. You could get creative and make your own unique stuffing recipe using our organic bread, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices. Basically, we’ve got everything to help you have the best ever roast Christmas dinner.



Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Dairy-free, gluten-free Champagne truffles, vegan ‘wagon wheels’ and all the classic, Christmas favourites!



Come in and see us if you need any help with making your holidays a little more special and we will be happy to show you all of our favourite things!

Melinda Yates is a vegan food writer and Instagram enthusiast, as well as the founder of vegan product brand, Melinda’s Mixes.