Mothers day

By: Amy Hope

Mother’s day isn’t just about your mother, it might be about your partner who is a mum, or yourself, or someone you know who is a mum.

Motherhood is a very complex role in life. I have wanted to be a mother since I was in my mid twenties but due to many factors I have only just be able to call myself a mum at the age of forty.

This has been an emotional journey that has ended in so much joy and love that words don’t even begin to describe it. I may not be the birth mother of my daughter but am very much her mum and parent. Bridging the gap between mother and father in a same sex marriage is interesting and challenging.

Think about what your mother has done for you and others, how much she has given up for you and gone through for you. It’s easy to forget how hard being a mum can be. You are constantly in demand and being judged by others, society, yourself and your children. So give some love back this mothers day.



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