Nut roasts and Tofurky

By: George Sauverin

The rise in vegetarian and vegan lifestyles just keeps growing and growing, with more people than ever steering away from meat and animal-based foods. But what should you do at Christmas?
Christmas is a time full of traditions and some quirks just you and your family do, I’m not just talking getting out Twister or wearing a Christmas jumper. What do you have for your first meat-free Christmas dinner? or maybe you are tired of the same nut roast your Aunty Sal makes. Infinity foods have all the tips for that perfect Christmas with the Turkey where it belongs in the field.

Tofurky has been in the press quite a bit over the last few years, providing an alternative to the 10 million turkeys that ended up on our plates last year at Christmas time! A big rolled vegan joint with a stuffing filling that comes with gravy! and that is some fine gravy.
Tofurky has been making their famous main roasts since 1995, reminding us a tradition is something done at least two years in a row.  So, If this is your first Tofurky Roast dinner, congratulations – you’re halfway to a brand new tradition. Tofurky recipe ideas

Seasons of Lewes, now who remembers eating there! They might not be running the kitchen in Lewes anymore, but they do supply us with their famous nut roasts! The festive roast is most popular, but there are loads to choose from! made locally using the finest ingredients following perfected recipes!

We also have a range of dried nut roast mixes! Nut Roasts are an exciting and delicious wholefood main, full of essential good fats and high in protein, Nuts are traditionally eaten during the festive period, but making a nut loaf rich in nutty goodness is a time old favourite of vegetarians and vegans. Suma have the Gluten free and the huge kilo bag for the big family feast!  Artisan Grains have 3 mixes to choose from, with the cranberry mix also being gluten free, perfect for Christmas.


Mcsween Haggis isn’t just for Burns night. although make sure you get that in your diaries. Enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike, our Delicious Everyday vegetarian haggis is a mix of healthy fresh vegetables, pulses, oatmeal, seeds and spices. Goes great with all the trimmings! Or turn it into a trimming, with haggis sausage rolls?

Don’t forget Yorkshire Puddings! A staple tradition for so many, but can be dearly missed by many vegetarian and vegans, here is the recipe for our vegan Yorkies, fail safe recipe perfect for Christmas day! Traditional recipes use eggs and milk and if you still want the traditional Yorkie then use organic unhomogenised milk an organic or biodynamic eggs, which we always have in stock.

Whatever it is you do this Festive period, old traditions or new.


Merry Christmas