Oral hygiene that gives the planet a break

By: George Sauverin from Infinity Foods Shop

The NHS recommends brushing your teeth twice a day for a full two minutes, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces of the teeth. It sounds easy right and we have all been doing it for as long as we can remember, but it can be difficult to stick to that guideline, and inadequate or irregular brushing can lead to plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease.

One of the best ways to make sure your teeth are getting the daily cleaning they need is to use an electric or better still a sonic toothbrush.

We introduce to you the Georganics sonic toothbrush. They have a moving brush head designed to effectively remove plaque and have an automatic timer to help you brush for the recommended two minutes.

Georganics sonic toothbrush can help you improve your brushing habits, and are easier to use than manual toothbrushes because they require less effort. Rather than performing the brushing action on your own, the sonic toothbrush does the brushing for you—all you need to do is move the brush around your mouth, guiding it to reach all the surfaces of your teeth.

In addition to a single two-minute shut-off, Georganics sonic toothbrush includes other beneficial features, including:

  • 30-second alerts to tell you when to switch the brush to a new area of your mouth
  • Different modes for deep cleaning, whitening, tongue cleaning and sensitive teeth

Georganics sonic toothbrush features a vibrating brush head that vibrates in a side-to-side motion. Sonic toothbrushes vibrate much faster than other electric toothbrushes, Georganics boasts 35,000 brushes per minute. Because sonic toothbrushes vibrate at around 10 times the rate of an electric toothbrush, a two-minute brushing session with a sonic toothbrush will give you more cleaning power.

In a six-month study that compared the effectiveness of sonic toothbrushes and leading electric toothbrushes in improving oral health in adults, users of both toothbrush types saw improvements in their overall oral health, but the sonic toothbrush proved significantly more successful at removing plaque, reducing gingivitis, and improving tooth and gum health.

daily use and disposal

Replace your sonic toothbrush head every 3 months or sooner if the bristles are frayed, you can also send the heads back to Georganics for free of post on their zero-to-landfill scheme.

The Zero To Landfill scheme helps recycle items that cannot be recycled by local centres. This is great news for the very small amount of plastic that we, unfortunately, have to use (of course, once there is an alternative, we will be straight on it!) All you have to do is collect, pack and send, and Georganics will do the rest.

Getting that professional clean feel doesn’t need to hurt the planet or your pocket