Organic September at Infinity Foods

By: Melinda Yates

Every year in September, the soil association, who are responsible for the month long campaign, promote what we know as, ‘Organic September’. It’s aimed to bring more awareness to everyone about the importance of eating organic. Not only is organic better for us and our health, it greatly benefits the planet, farmers and wildlife.

We love getting involved in this campaign here at Infinity Foods because we really love our organic produce. All of our fresh fruit and vegetables are organic, and locally sourced where possible. We have the most vibrant rainbow of colours in our veg section of the shop, so it looks just as good as it is for you. We are really proud of knowing that our customers can come into the store and choose great fresh fruit without having to worry about chemicals and pesticides.


In our grocery and bodycare sections of the shop, you will also find a huge range of organic products. It’s really important to have more organic foods in your diet like nuts, seeds and grains, but it’s also good to remember that what you put on your skin is just as essential. Our range of organic skincare keeps expanding all the time and there is something to suit everyone’s needs.


Our in-store bakery has a really impressive range of breads made using many varieties of organic flour. People with almost any sort of dietary requirements can enjoy our baked goods. Teff, rye, rice, tapioca, spelt, white and wholemeal are just some of the flours used by our talented bakers. There are many wheat-free options, loads of yeast-free breads and almost everything is vegan. We want you to come and try some of the incredible delights our wonderful bakers make fresh for the people of Brighton everyday, so we are having a sampling day!


On Saturday September 16th, our bakers are going to showcase the best of their organic breads for you to try. A lot of speciality sourdoughs and rustic loaves which are always available to buy on a Saturday, will be made for you to come and taste.

Getting involved in Organic September is something we’re really proud of. We love that each year we promote this great campaign, more and more people learn about the increasing importance of eating organic. If you want to find out more, the soil association website is a great source of information.