Many of our products now bear the widely recognised ‘Fairtrade’ label, an independently audited consumer label that guarantees a fair deal for producers in the developing world. We stock as wide a range of products with the ‘Fairtrade’ label as possible.

Fairtrade encompasses, broadly speaking, two groups in the developing world. They are the small farmers who grow products such as coffee and cocoa and market their products through local co-operatives. To these people receiving a fair price for their produce is the key issue. The second group are the workers employed on estates such as tea plantations for whom fair wages and decent working conditions are the primary concern.

Fairtrade standards ensure that producers are paid a fair price that covers the cost of sustainable production and living, including the payment of a ‘premium’ that can be invested in development and contracts that allow producers to plan for the long-term. Trading in this way restores a sense of pride and passion in the producers as well as instilling integrity and transparency throughout the trading system.

At Infinity we support fair trade because we believe that it helps farmers, growers and producers in developing countries to get a fair deal instead of maintaining a system that is based on inequality and dependency. In a wider sense fair trade does in fact determine all that we do here at Infinity.

We firmly believe in fair and honest trading with all of our suppliers and customers, be they based many miles away or a mere stone’s throw away. Honesty, transparency and fair practice are central to our business.