Fruit & Veg

Fruit and Veg

Our fruit and vegetable section is certified organic by the Soil Association and as much as possible is sourced locally.*

Sourcing locally and building strong relationships with nearby farmers and growers has been central to our ethos at Infinity since the 70s.

One of the rewards of this is that at a time when demand often outstrips supply of locally grown organic produce in other shops, and supermarkets sell tired looking produce, often heavily packaged, we are able to provide our customers with vibrant, freshly picked produce straight from the farm.

Seasonal Veg Guide

The very best produce changes with the seasons. From the earliest crispy spring greens to the tastiest courgettes and salads of summer. The weird and wonderful array of pumpkins and squashes of autumn to the muddy parsnips and bunches of black kale that keep us going through winter. Our fresh organic produce is a feast for all the senses.

The priority is always local but in order to provide a good range when supplies are not available we stock some imported organic fruit and vegetables. In these instances we choose sea-freight over air-freight and fair-trade where possible.

*Excludes our fresh dates which are not available organically.