The Recipe for Infinity Foods!

By: Katie Tume


Here at the shop we decided that it was time we gave the big piece of wall by our ramp a makeover, and use the space to try and really communicate who we are and what we believe in.

We had made friends with members of Wave Design Co-op in Hastings, when a couple of our members went to the Co-ops UK weekend last year, and we couldn’t think of better folks to realise our ideas in graphic form.


The six ‘ingredients’ are: Co-operative: Infinity Foods has been a worker co-operative since 1979, jointly owned and run by the workers.


2: Organic: We believe that organic production benefits the environment, animal welfare, wildlife and our wellbeing.


3.  Vegetarian: Since 1971 we have provided everything you need for a nutritious diet and humane lifestyle.


4. Environmental: We source our electricity from green suppliers, use low energy equipment, and choose materials carefully.


5. Local: We believe that sourcing products locally benefits the environment, the local economy and the community.


6. Fair Trade: As a worker co-operative we believe that all workers are entitled to fair pay and good working conditions.

Both co-ops are really pleased with the result and agree it’s down to the attention to detail spent on the job and a friendly relationship along the way! We hope you love it as much as we do, and agree that it communicates the recipe for our beloved business, Infinity Foods.