The Festive time of year

Is about giving

Why not wish upon a star to give to one of our three charities?

We are donating to these Sussex charities this year.

Donating is easy. You just need to grab a token from our tree and take it to the till.
All money raised will be donated to the charities, helping us raise as much as we can to spread some Infinity Magic.

The Environment & Food:

Brighton Permaculture Trust 

“To plant more trees in community orchards around Brighton & Hove.”

Brighton Permaculture Trust aims to inspire more sustainable lifestyles, connecting people to their food, to nature and to each other.


Animal welfare:

East Sussex WRAS 

“Our wish is to be able to provide professional veterinary help and support to all sick, injured, trapped, orphan or at risk wildlife casualties across East Sussex.”


East Sussex WRAS is an award-winning community charity helping to prevent the suffering of our local wildlife. Our small fleet of veterinary ambulances and hospital help over 5000 casualties every year but we desperately need to expand.



Sussex Night Stop

“That no young person is forced to sleep on the streets when they find themselves homeless.”


Sussex Nightstop is a safety net for our city’s young residents experiencing homelessness. It’s a temporary place to call home when they have no home. And a reminder that people care and things will get better.


We’re donating to each charity. You also have the chance to donate to them! We want to make their wishes come true.
Do you?

  1. Grab a token & pop it in your basket.
  2. Scan at the till.
  3. You’ve helped us raise money for one of our Sussex star charities.


We extend an invitation to you to join us in raising funds for the impactful work these organisations do in our community by following our east 3 steps.

Our donation tokens are available in suggested amounts of £2, £5, and £10, as well as a customisable ‘£?‘ option, allowing individuals to contribute any amount, no matter how modest or substantial. Your generosity, regardless of the donation size, plays a significant role in making a positive difference.