Veganuary, New Year resolutions & Promotions

By: George Sauverin

2019 has been quoted as the ‘year of the vegan’. with sign-ups to Veganury higher than ever! In a VoucherCode survey, it has been predicted that over 2.66 million Brits are set to ditch meat and dairy in 2019. What better place to embrace the plant-based diet than in Brighton! Plant Based News says Brighton is the vegan capital of England.

Veganury is now coming to an end but it is easier than ever to stick to a whole foods plant-based diet! We have all the usual organic whole foods on our shelves. Grains & Pulses, Dried Fruits & Berries, Nuts & seeds! but there are so many new vegan products on our shelves this year!



We also have loads of promotions running until the end of February! To help you keep up those New years resolutions, you only have to do something twice to make it a habit.

Here are just a few of the great deals we have in store!




Koko Dairy Free Milk
was £1.79  NOW £1.50

Koko Dairy Free Yogurt
was £1.99  NOW £1.69

Koko Dairy Free Spread
was £2.19  NOW £1.86

Koko Dairy Free Cheese spread
was £1.99 NOW £1.69

Koko Dairy Free Mini
was 65p    NOW 55p




Bonsan Absolutely Vegan Pate
was £2.69  Now £2.29




Mani Organic Greek Olive Oil extra virgin 1L
was £13.49      NOW £11.49

Mani Organic Greek Olive Oil extra virgin 500ml
was£7.49        NOW £6.37


Rebel Kitchen 250ml
was £1.19  NOW 95p 

Rebel Kitchen 330ml
was £1.89  NOW £1.51



Propercorn all flavours
was£1.69  NOW £1.35

Rhythm 108 Tea Biscuits
was £2.86  NOW £2.54

Nush Almond M•LK CH•ESE
was £2.95   NOW £2.51


Come in store to see all the offers we have in store! and ask the staff for any help or advice on how to get more plant-based whole foods into your diet.