A slice of bakery Life

By: Amy Hope

Have you ever tried our bread? Or any bakery products come to think of it?


If you have, you might want to know some of our secrets in making it sooo good. If you haven’t – well you are in for a treat.



Starting right

So we have been baking bread in traditional ways since the start of our shop in 1971.

Wow, some of our Bread recipes have never changed:

Take the wholemeal loaf. That recipe is simple and hasn’t changed for over 50 years – it’s still one of the best.

Why? I hear you ask


Keeping it simple

Well, we think it’s down to three simple things. Good quality, simple ingredients and our skilled team of bakers doing their magic.

All our bread uses organic ingredients. Top-notch flours that are milled in traditional ways.

We then add just: salt, yeast or levain and water!

Nothing else is added. No preservatives or additives. NOTHING. Just good honest organic ingredients are what you get from us.

Rising well

Our sourdough starter for the Rye has an amazing myth about how it was started.

We know for sure it’s been going before any member of staff can remember who’s still working here today.

The myth is some of the hippies in the 1970s who started at the bakery. Got the water for the starter from the Chailis well in Glastonbury and brought it back to make the bread with it. Who knows if this is true or not but it’s a great story and myth. And great bread.


And our white sourdough is also really good – with the mother or starter being kept alive for over 40 years! She’s still tasting great despite her age.


Really Fresh

It’s also fresh from the oven. Really.

None of this par-baked nonsense from the supermarket or big bakeries. No.


Our bread is prepared from scratch and baked just out the back of the shop. It’s our wonderful team of artisan bakers who rise early daily to give you that fresh real bread.


It was one of Bakers Colm (who now you will see in the shop) who was at the first real bread campaign meetings back in the day. He even did a workshop with Andrew Whiteley!


Read more about Sustain here

So you know we care about real bread and the movement for clarity on this subject!


We are more than just a bakery

You know we’re a workers’ coop, right?

Well, part of that is “a concern for the community”.  So our bakery has done workshops in schools in Molescoobe and Hove to get kids into real food and bread. Teaching them how to bake early on is such a good way to learn about real food.


We like to get out of the bakery 

We love doing stalls. We’re excited to be at The Brighton Yoga Festival again this year in June (add link). Who can’t get enough of our bakery products to fill you up after a good yoga class?

Have you ever seen us on telly?

You might have caught us on “The Hungry Sailor” cooking program who we had in our little bakery making Irish soda bread – it was great.

We’re not shy to the famous. Having supplied Trickey his bread rider for a local show. Right down to getting all the celebs who step into our little shop to sign our bakery mixer – names such as Nick Cave to name a few.


What a team they are! And we want to welcome two new members who we think will add great things to the team.


If you want to know more about sourdough take a look here

And levain here.


You know we care about what we sell because it’s on our plates and in our bellies too.

Enjoy. Now we better get back to kneadin’