Worker co-operatives are like any other business. However, unlike conventional businesses its Members (workers) contribute equitably to and democratically control, the capital and finances of their co-operative. Members decide how to use surpluses (profits). Worker co-operatives should provide the pay and other benefits that members need and want, managing the business to provide them and protect its future.

Over the past 50 years Infinity Foods Cooperative Ltd has had some outstanding dedicated members, In this series, we will speak to some of our longest-standing members to ask why they have stuck around and about some of their memories.


Grahame joined Infinity Foods back in the ’80s, Infinity foods hadn’t long been a formal cooperative. Our shop and bakery merged into one larger shop, which saw the bakery become increasingly more popular which is where Grahame started his journey with Infinity Foods. Grahame’s role at the shop later changed with him moving into the accounts team overseeing the role as treasurer. Grahame has also been an active member of the shop & bakery’s charity giving team, helping to support many great projects and charities, most recently in helping to support the successful Help Our Kelp campaign.  



I would love to know what year, you started at Infinity?

I stated in 1984

What different working roles have you had at Infinity and what did you like most about them? 

I started as Baker and enjoyed running baking courses in conjunction with the Brighton Natural Health Centre (BNHC) and also taking baking into schools running workshops for primary children who absolutely loved it.  I’ve also worked a limited amount in the shop, most of my time was spent doing financial work which included 25 years as treasurer.  During my time working on financial matters, I enjoyed trying to make Infinity Foods money work in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.

Tell me about your favourite Infinity memory/moment? 

As above teaching baking to enthusiastic students and children.

What has been the pull that makes you stay?

It’s work flexibility, as I took an active part in raising my family having a flexible work routine has been essential.

What do you love about Infinity Foods?

The large array of organic food and holding certification from the soil association for the fruit and veg and bakery.

What do you look forward to for Infinity in the future 50 years?

I’d love to see Infinity Foods continues to be a model for other businesses in its ethics, support and respect for growers, suppliers, staff and customers.  Demonstrating that an ethical and environmentally sustainable business can be very successful.


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