DIY Facials

Leftovers to Make You Glow!


Whether you’re looking to give your skin premium care on a budget, or using up some ingredients from your fridge or larder in a creative way, these recipes can help you look good for less.


Turmeric Face mask

Turmeric is anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and can even reduce oil production from the skin’s sebaceous glands, so is a great ingredient in skincare for oily or acne prone skin. It can even help with hyperpigmentation due to sun damage!

1sp turmeric powder

1 tsp honey

1 tsp milk of choice, water or favourite carrier oil to dilute.


Simply mix the turmeric and honey to a paste then add the liquid drop by drop to your desired consistency. Spread on your face and leave for no longer than 20 minutes then rinse off. Turmeric can stain anything! So don’t leave it on too long. Use daily!


Breakfast Mask for irritated skin

This mask is like having breakfast on your skin, and it’s that easy too. Use for irritated, oily or dry skin for tightening pores and reducing redness.

3 tbsp fine oatmeal (you can grind porridge oats finely)

2-3tsp strongly brewed green tea (drink the rest!)

Tsp honey or make it vegan with an inch or 2 of ripe banana

2 drops essential oil  – choose lavender, rose, frankincense, chamomile or geranium. Optional!


Make your porridge with banana and your cup of green tea!

Mix your oats (separately!) with the tea to combine, then add the honey or banana to make it gooey. Mix in your essential oil and apply to clean skin for 20 mins.

Finish your porridge then remove in the shower, taking advantage of the oats natural gentle exfoliating properties!


Berry Face Scrub

If you have a couple of berries on the turn in your punnet, rescue them and make this delicious face scrub.


1tbsp oil of choice – melted coconut is fine, almond oil or even extra virgin olive oil is great for skin.

2 tbsp sugar – any will do but the larger the granule the stronger the scrub will be

Up to 3 berries – strawberry, raspberry, blackberry all have lovely antioxidant and enzyme actions to gently brighten and tighten the skin.


Simply mix the oil and sugar to a paste, then mash the berries in! Add more oil or sugar to adjust the consistency. Apply to clean skin for 5 minutes then rinse off, exfoliate as you do, taking advantage of the sugar and tiny seeds to give your pores a deep clean.


Coffee Eye Serum


Coffee contains skin loving antioxidants, can tighten skin and reduce puffiness. Keep in the fridge for extra cooling effect!


4tbsp ground coffee

½ tbsp avocado oil, or preferred oil

4tbsp almond oil

Muslin or nut bag for straining


You’ll also need an empty sterilised dropper bottle to store in.

Lay your muslin or nut bag inside a bowl or jar and pour your coffee and almond oil into it. Let it sit for 24 hours, then carefully lift the fabric out to separate the grounds from the now coffee infused oil. Make sure to give the muslin a good squeeze to get all the oil out.

Use a small funnel or dropper to transfer the coffee oil to your dropper bottle, adding the avocado oil for extra skin nutrition.

To use, shake well and apply 2 drops with your fingers to your undereye in the morning to brighten and tighten up tired eyes. Store in the fridge and use within 1 month – no water in this recipe means the shelf life is longer!



Always patch test first for sensitivity. None of these recipes are meant to be stored, so only make up what you will use for one or two applications to avoid spoiling. Keep any leftovers in the fridge in clean glass containers.