Easter Gift Buying Guide

By: Natalie Heath

Have a happy Easter with our Easter gift buying guide.


Hot cross buns, egg and bunny shaped chocolate, tiny yellow fluffy chicks. These are some of the more traditional things you will see in the shops at this time of year, but what about crackers? Not the type you eat with cheese, the type you pull at Christmas. Yes, it’s now becoming fashionable to have Easter crackers too!



Easter gift buying guide


While we don’t stock this unusual Easter addition, we do have a great range of Easter chocolate gifts to suit all budgets and dietary requirements. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, raw, or just prefer to eat high-quality organic chocolate, or support Fairtrade, you will find the perfect Easter treat at Infinity Foods.



Eco-friendly Easter


A huge and unnecessary amount of plastic and cardboard are thrown away at this time of year, as a result of Easter egg packaging, which is such a waste of resources, energy and money. Ensure you recycle all of your cardboard Easter egg boxes and try to choose eggs that have minimal packaging.


We love Montezuma’s Eco Eggs because not only are they made from organic chocolate, but they also have minimum packaging consisting of a biodegradable outer shell and foil surrounding the chocolate egg. If the foil is clean, you can recycle it. The Dark chocolate egg is also suitable for vegans.


Montezuma's Eco Eggs Easter Gift Buying Guide

Montezuma’s Eco Eggs £6.95



Organic Easter Eggs


Continuing with the organic theme, Green & Black’s offer a variety of organic chocolate eggs.


Green & Blacks Easter eggs

Green & Black’s Organic Easter Eggs £6.59 – £17.99


Montezuma’s chocolate bunnies make a great alternative to a full sized egg because they can be more easily portion controlled for younger children. They are organic too, and the dark bunnies are suitable for vegans.


Montezuma's Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Montezuma’s Organic Chocolate Bunnies in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate £4.99



Vegan Easter Eggs


If you are buying for a vegan, these eggs will be sure to delight:


Booja Booja Easter Eggs

Booja Booja Truffles Easter Eggs £9.99



Moo Free Easter Eggs

Moo Free Vegan Easter Eggs £4.25



Plamil Easter Chocolate

Plamil Vegan Easter Chocolate £1.35 – £4.99



Raw Chocolate


If you prefer your chocolate raw, we have three amazing brands to choose from:


Pana Easter Chocolate

Pana Organic Raw Happy Easter Chocolate Selection Box £16.99



Raw Chocolate Pie Easter Eggs

Raw Chocolate Pie Co Easter Eggs £2.95 – £8.95



Coco Caravan Caramel Filled Easter Eggs

Coco Caravan Organic Raw Vegan Caramel Filled Easter Eggs £4.79





Since we are great supporters of Fairtrade produce, we have two brilliant Fairtrade chocolate brands for you to enjoy – Divine and Cocoa Loco:


Divine Easter Eggs

Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Easter Eggs £3.20 – £5.75



Cocoa Loco Easter Chocolate

Coco Loco Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Eggs and Novelty Shapes £1.75 – £11.99



Easter cake


And finally, our Seggiano Easter cake makes an excellent end to your Easter meal.


Seggiano Easter Cake

Seggiano Organic Easter Cake £14.00


So as you can see from our Easter gift buying guide, in addition to having an enormous and exciting variety on offer, we have options to suit almost every lifestyle and budget. Come in next time you are passing the shop to have a browse, as we couldn’t feature everything in this one post!


Wishing you a very Happy Easter from all of us at Infinity Foods!