Raw Vegan Easter Eggs

By: Natalie Heath


  • Raw chocolate
    • 100g raw cacao butter
    • 70g raw cacao powder
    • 30g coconut palm sugar, ground to a powder in the blender
    • 1 tbsp vanilla powder
    • 1/8 tsp sea salt or pink Himalayan salt
  • Equipment
    • Glass bowl
    • Saucepan
    • Metal balloon whisk
    • Pastry brush
    • Silicone mini Easter egg moulds
  • 60 minutes
  • Not too hard
  • vegan-icon

We love this time of year at Infinity Foods. Partly because spring is now most definitely here, but mainly because of the chocolate! We especially love raw vegan Easter eggs because they are healthy and delicious.


We have lots of delicious Easter goodies in the shop right now, including a great range of vegan and organic Easter eggs, and we have even written a handy Easter gift-buying guide to help you choose.


But if you fancy going all DIY this year and making your own Easter eggs, we have a delicious and healthy raw vegan Easter eggs recipe for you to try.



Raw chocolate is healthy chocolate


Raw chocolate is packed full of antioxidants, fibre, B vitamins, magnesium, copper, manganese and iron. It releases bliss chemicals in the brain aka endorphins and serotonin.


Because it is not heated above 42°C, it retains its high nutrient and antioxidant profile. Yes, raw chocolate is actually good for you!



Special equipment needed


Now the main characteristic of Easter eggs is that they are egg-shaped, so you will have to source yourself some egg shaped moulds for this recipe.


You can buy them inexpensively on websites like eBay and Amazon, or you could try a local kitchenware shop. Silicone moulds are best as once the chocolates have set it’s super easy to pop them out of the mould.


Here we are using small moulds to make solid mini sized eggs, which we like to wrap in brightly coloured foil to give away as Easter gifts to family and friends.


raw chocolate easter eggs



To make the raw chocolate:


  • Chop the cacao butter and place in the glass bowl.
  • Pour an inch or two of kettle-boiled water into your pan, but don’t switch on the hob. The heat from the boiling water will be enough to melt the butter gently; we don’t want to cook it by mistake.
  • Place the glass bowl on top of the pan. The bottom of the bowl should not come into contact with the water.
  • Allow the cacao butter to melt slowly, and when it has done so place the bowl on the countertop.
  • Sieve the cacao powder into the bowl and add the coconut palm sugar, ensuring you have powdered it in your blender beforehand.
  • Add the vanilla powder and salt and whisk until it all comes together and forms a dark, shiny melted chocolate.
  • Place your mould on a chopping board or large flat plate to make it easy to pick it up when it’s full of chocolate. Ensure you have space in your fridge to place it down flat.
  • Pour or spoon your chocolate into your moulds, ensuring the chocolate comes to the top of the mould; otherwise, you will get uneven shaped and sized eggs when you put them together.
  • Carefully transfer the board/plate with the mould onto the fridge and leave to set for about 20-30 minutes.



To assemble your raw vegan Easter eggs:


  • Check that the egg halves are properly set. If not, pop them back in for another 5-10 minutes.
  • When the chocolate has set, pop them out of the mould and using a pastry brush, paint some leftover liquid chocolate onto a half egg, then sandwich another half on top. It is best to use cool hands for this, so you don’t mark your beautiful eggs with fingerprints.
  • Press them gently together and pop back in the fridge for the chocolate glue to set and fuse them together.
  • When set, you can wrap them in brightly coloured chocolate foils, or put them in little cellophane gift bags and tie up with ribbons.