• General shop

    • >What is a worker co-operative?

      Please view Our Beliefs page for more information on worker co-operative

    • >Can I speak to the manager?

      Infinity Foods has been run as a worker co-operative since 1979, and as such we have no manager or hierarchical management structure. Rather, we all take responsibility for the business as a whole. Give us a call or check out our contacts page to find out who the appropriate person is to speak to.

    • >Do you have any other branches?

      No, we have only one shop located in North Road in Brighton, since 1973! However we do distribute a large range of products you can find in our shop, including our own range of Infinity Foods wholefoods via our wholesale business.

    • >When will you have other shops?

      We have no plans to open other branches at the moment, but our wholesale business does stock a wide range of our products nationwide.

    • >Is the whole shop organic?

      No. Our fruit and veg section is Soil Association certified organic, as well as our bakery. Throughout the rest of the shop we sell a huge range of certified organic products, mixed with non-certified organic products, locally sourced, fairly traded, cruelty free and ethical products.

    • >Do you deliver?

      No, unfortunately we cannot offer this service at the moment but our wholesale business might deliver to you, depending on your location and spend.

    • >Can I order direct from the wholesale?
    • >Do you have bags?

      We have a range of options available to carry your shopping home if you have forgotten your own bags: Please help yourself to cardboard boxes stacked near the tills; there are always brown paper bags available for bread, fruit and veg or small items; we also sell compostable and biodegradable non-GMO corn starch carrier bags for 10p or carbon neutral organic fairtrade cotton bags for £3.50 and string bags from Turtle bags for £4.49.

      In February 2020 George from Infinity Foods Shop was lucky enough to visit the work The Purple Community Fund do in Manila, Philippines to support slum communities in breaking the poverty cycle with employment and education. While George was there he helped develop a bag made from repurposed rice sacks. The rice sack bags are £6.98 this ensures the worker who made the bag is paid a fair wage above the minimum wage.

    • >What is your returns policy?

      You can read our Returns Policy here.

    • >Can I bring my dog in the shop?

      Because we have fresh food available (at nose level!), we cannot allow any dogs into the shop except assistance dogs.

  • The Community Card

    • >What is the Infinity Foods Community Card?

      The Infinity Foods Community Card is our new loyalty program. It rewards all cardholders for their loyalty to us, no matter what they buy* or who they are! You can sign up for a card in minutes, present it when paying for shopping, and earn points for every pound spent.

    • >How does it work?

      Each time you shop (spending at least £1) simply present your Community Card to earn points. You get 1 point for every pound spent with us, on every product (except our corn starch bags and Paper Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards!). 1 point is worth 1p. Your receipt will show your points balance. You can redeem your points for money off your shop at any time*. Using your Community Card also makes you eligible for our regular coupons, giving you even more opportunities to save, with extra special discounts and offers.

    • >How do I get one?

      Simply speak to a member of staff who will take your details. We need your name, email address, date of birth and your postcode outward code (eg. BN1, BN11 or BN43). Once we create your account, you can get your card right then and there and start earning points! You can also use the form attached to this leaflet, just fill in your details and hand it to a staff member, and we’ll set up your account. It only takes a couple of minutes.

    • >Why do you need my information?

      We need your name to distinguish your account. We need an email address so we can send you the terms and conditions, each time any changes are made. We ask for your date of birth and postcode so we can create relevant coupons and special offers, for OAPs or people living and working in the North Laine for example.

    • >What do you do with my information?

      Your information will only be used within the loyalty card scheme and is stored on our own secure till system server. We will never sell your information or use it in any way other than explicitly stated, for the purposes of generating your rewards coupons. If you use the sign-up form on this leaflet, we will ask you to retain the form after we have signed you up. See terms and conditions for more information.

    • >How will you contact me?

      We will only ever contact you if we need to let you know of changes to our terms and conditions. This is a legal requirement. We will only contact you for marketing purposes if you opt-in. You can change your mind at any time, just let us know.

    • >What happens if I lose my card?

      Tell us your name when you shop with us and we will issue you a new card. Your point balance will be unchanged. Simple!

    • >How do I spend my points?

      Every time you pay and present your Community Card, you have the option to use any points you’ve earned as currency, to get money off your shopping, as long as your basket comes to at least £1. Tell us how many points you want to spend, save your points up to treat yourself later, or pay the whole balance – it’s up to you!

    • >How does this affect the Senior Discount?

      The Senior Discount is changing. We first started offering pensioners a discount in the 1970s, but the sad truth is, after many decades it is no longer sustainable to offer a 10% discount for us as a business. As we emerge from a global pandemic that has reshaped the way we all shop, and in the midst of a cost of living crisis, we want to reward all our customers, no matter their age, for their loyalty shopping with us. But by switching over to our Community Card scheme, our Senior customers will still be getting special rewards when they shop every month.


      Sign up this year to start collecting points now – the more you spend, the more you save – including bodycare products and alcohol!

      *minimum spend £1, may not be used in conjunction with Senior discount, Ts & Cs apply

      Follow the link for full terms and conditions.

  • Noticeboard

  • Bakery

    • >What time do the pizzas/sausage rolls come out?

      Please see the Bakery section for a list of typical timings for all our daily baked goods.

    • >Are your tapioca/rice baked products gluten free?

      The law states that for a product to be labelled as ‘gluten free’ it must be verified as having been made in a completely gluten free environment to eliminate contamination risk from gluten containing ingredients. Our bakery is not such an environment, as we make all our fresh baked goods in the same bakery. However all the tapioca and rice products are made without any gluten containing ingredients. Download our allergens list here.

  • Product Questions

    • >How do you source your products?

      As a worker co-operative we take a democratic approach to running the business, and each section is run by a small team who make the buying decisions for that area.
      We consider a variety of factors when choosing the products we sell in our shop. All products are vegetarian, as defined by the UK Vegetarian Society. Any dairy products, as well those used as ingredients in products we sell are organic.

      Preference is given to locally, regionally, or UK produced or supplied products, and to those produced under fair trade practices and by other co-operatives. We will not knowingly stock products which contain substances of concern to health; particularly harmful food additives and pesticides. Preference is given to products with minimal environmental impact in terms of production, transportation and packaging.

    • >What is your GM policy?

      We do not sell any food that has been genetically modified or contains GM ingredients.
      We only sell certified organic milk and eggs, this is because GM animal feed is often given to animals reared on conventional farms.

    • >What is your palm oil policy?

      Since January 2016 we never knowingly sell any product containing palm oil or its derivatives from an unsustainable or unknown source.

    • >Are all your bodycare products cruelty free?

      Yes. We do not sell anything that has been tested on animals, and the majority of the products in the bodycare section are vegan.

    • >What does ‘biodynamic eggs’ mean?

      Biodynamic farming is the oldest ‘green’ farming movement, and forerunner of organics. All biodynamic farmers and growers practice organic methods of cultivation, and are against genetic modification. We buy our Demeter certified eggs from Orchard Eggs, a family run farm in Forest Row, East Sussex. At the farm small flocks of chickens are kept in moveable houses throughout 60 acres of biodynamic orchard. They are hand reared from day one, without the use of any antibiotics and fed a 100% organic grain diet which is locally sourced. It contains no artificial enhancers or GMO products. Guided by the cockerels, the hens roam freely 24/7. This encourages them to express their natural behaviour and source their food themselves. This is also a great way to naturally fertilise the land, spreading valuable nutrients through their manure. This guarantees a productive orchard but more importantly, it creates a balanced and self-sufficient ecosystem. Read more here: http://myorchardeggs.co.uk/

    • >How will I know what products are gluten free?

      We carry a very large range of gluten-free products in our shop!  Whilst we cannot have a specific section dedicated to these products due to the large size of the range, as you are shopping, please notice in each section there will be a shelf with a yellow ‘gluten-free’ strip in front of it; all products on this shelf are gluten-free. Please ask the staff if you are unsure.

    • >Do you sell pet food?

      Yes, we have a range of organic and vegetarian pet food

    • >Can you take my surplus fruit/veg/flowers

      As we require all these products to be locally sourced and/or organically grown and traceable to comply with our organic certification, unfortunately, we cannot take your surplus produce.

    • >What refills do you do?

      We have an extensive range of dry food refills, like grains, cereals, pulses, pasta and chocolate to name a few.
      We also offer refills on laundry detergent, washing-up liquid, fabric softener, shampoos, conditioner and all-purpose cleaner, but please check to see if we can refill the bottle you bring in. Due to clarification in the law on refilling cosmetics and detergents we only refill like for like bottles, this is to comply with labelling laws and laws on the safety of the integrity of the bottle.

    • >Do you sell vegan wine?

      Yes! And beer and even Cava and Prosecco. Our entire alcohol section is vegan.

    • >How can I get an Infinity catalogue?

      Please contact the warehouse to obtain a copy of the wholesale catalogue.

    • >How often do you update your prices?

      For products distributed by Infinity Foods wholesale, an updated catalogue is released every 2 months. Otherwise prices change depending on the supplier.

    • >When do promotional offers begin and end?

      Offers running from our own Infinity Foods wholesale usually run for 2 months to coincide with the current catalogue. Other offers may vary. Check in store for details.

    • >How can I tell if the Infinity brand products are Organically Certified?

      All our own brand organic products are clearly labelled as such. Our organic seeds, nuts, beans, lentils and dried fruit and cereals are in green packets, non-organic varieties in pink.

    • >Why do some products have a vegan logo and others don't?

      All the products Infinity Foods sell are 100% vegetarian. We also offer one of the largest selection of vegan products in the UK. Like the logos of most certifying bodies, producers have to pay for the right to print it on their packaging. Many products are naturally or ‘accidentally’ vegan, rather than being certified by the Vegan Society. Please ask a member of staff if you’re not sure.

  • Discounts

    • >Do you offer any discounts?

      Yes. For many years in the shop we have offered a 10% discount off the purchase price of food items to pensioners. Simply show us your bus pass or senior rail card at the start of your transaction to claim it. please read the terms and conditions here

      If you order anything in bulk – a case or minimum of 6 items if supplied individually – you will receive 15% discount. Orders must be placed in advance and cannot be applied to items already on the shelves, except for certain brands of soy milk. Please call us for details.

    • >Does the discount apply to everything in the shop?

      No, the discount only applies to ‘food’ items, and does not apply to any cosmetics and bodycare items, household items, alcohol or gardening items. Please check with the staff member on the till if you are not sure.

    • >Do you offer discounts for Bulk Purchases?

      Yes. Anything we sell in the shop can be bought by the case and you will receive 15% discount on the retail price. If you wish to buy something from our Infinity Foods wholesale catalogue which we do not stock in the shop can also be bought up to 15% off RRP. The exception to this is sacks of dry goods over 5kgs, which you will have to arrange to buy direct from the warehouse in Shoreham-by-Sea.

  • Other

    • >Will you donate to my charity?

      We often donate vouchers to charity fund raising events for registered charities and schools, depending on our charity budget for that year. At our discretion we sometimes give vouchers to organisations and events that are not registered. Fill out a form here.

    • >What charities do you support?

      Over the years we have donated to many different charities, both local and further afield. Charities are reviewed regularly but as an example in recent years we have donated to St Patrick’s Homeless Shelter, Positive News, The BNHC, Brighton Clock Tower Sanctuary, Sussex Beacon, Sussex Wildlife Trust, The Real Junk Food Project and Brighton Permaculture. Our warehouse also supports numerous charities financially as well as with food donations, including recently Hugletts Wood Farm  Animal Sanctuary, Calais Action, Refugee Community Kitchen, Life Water and many more. Check out our Community Giving page.

    • >I’m interested in Infinity Foods selling my product. Who is the buyer for your shop?

      As a co-operative we have several buyers for different sections of the shop. If you are interested in Infinity Foods selling your product, please go here to fill out our inquiry form.

    • >Is there anywhere I can promote my products at the shop?

      If we stock your products, you are more than welcome to promote them using one of our tasting table areas. We run this using a booking system and there are guidelines to follow, so please give us a call to talk through your requirements.