At infinity we have a long and proud tradition of celebrating local seasonal foods, and no more so than the humble but magnificent Sussex apple. This time of year we are bursting at the seams with many amazing heritage organic varieties from our long standing supplier Oakwood Farm, as diverse in flavour, texture, colour and shape as all the other fruit and veg put together!

In the spirit of helping you save money but maintain ethical (and deliciousness) standards, we have put together some recipes this month that are small on price but big on sustainability and flavour.

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are an easy, nutritious breakfast or snack option and this recipe can easily be adapted to different flavours and fruits

1 apple grated (35p)
100g rolled oats (21p)
125ml of almond, oat milk or your milk of choice (or just plain water) 16p approx
100g of sojade soya yogurt (35p)
A large pinch of cinnamon
30g walnuts (43p)
30g of pumpkin seeds (27p)*

1.Grate apple coarsely, mix with oats, almond milk, yogurt – reserve a spoonful for serving – and cinnamon. You can also mix in all or some of the seeds to increase the nutrition even further by including them in the soaking, this will start to activate them.
2. Leave in the fridge in a jar overnight or for at least an hour covered.
3.Top with (more) nuts & seeds, and a dollop of yogurt and eat!

Total cost: £1.77

Other ideas
Replace the apple with seasonal or frozen berries like raspberries or cherries, the cinnamon for cacao or cocoa powder and one of the seeds with 20g cacao nibs (29p). Increase the amount of almonds to replace the walnuts, or replace with chopped brazils (63p).
Omit the cinnamon and replace the walnuts for a dollop of peanut or almond butter for a richer version.
Replace half or 2 thirds of the milk with black coffee and replace the apple with 1 or 2 tbsp raisins for a coffee and walnut flavour. You can also use a vanilla flavoured yoghurt for extra sweetness. Top with espresso or cocoa powder if desired.

*prices correct at time of writing