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It is with great sadness that we announce that the trustees of our friends, neighbours and tenants, The Brighton Natural Health Centre have decided that, after 42 years, they can no longer afford to run the studios at the centre in Regent Street and will have to close down its operations there. The final classes…

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Homemade Stuffing recipe – at a few price ranges

  Festive Stuffing base recipe   Okay okay we admit: stuffing is hardly the costliest part of the festive dinner, but we thought this recipe was too versatile and cost-effective not to share:   1 cup medium oatmeal 1 finely chopped large onion 4tbsp oil of choice Salt   Cook the onion in the oil…

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Festive Wishes – Letters to Father Christmas

. We have all sent our Christmas wish list to Father Christmas addressed to the North pole or Lapland. All too often these are the material gifts we want. Whether that is this season’s must-have toys, perfume or designer slippers. Is this the real meaning of the festive time of year? Infinity Foods Cooperative Shop…

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Halloween Leftover Loaf

Hold up!! hold up… We are all trying to make our pennies go further, and what better way than using up leftovers and even by eating your Halloween pumpkin or decorative squash? This take on a classic banana loaf cake uses up the flesh of your carved pumpkins and nearly or overripe bananas for a…

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Superfood Pumpkin Spice Latte

Superfood Pumpkin Spice Latte   Our twist on the classic Autumn drink uses Chaga mushroom powder, used for generations to boost immunity and support the respiratory system. It tastes very coffee-like so the added espresso shot is optional!   Place 2tbsp pumpkin puree (see our recipe) into a large mug or heatproof glass Add a…

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Do you sell pumpkin puree?.. How about make it

Pumpkin Puree   With the influx of seasonal pumpkin spice-type recipes for pies, tarts and soups around, our customers really get into the seasonal swing of all things spicy and squashy!    This time of year we always get a lot of requests for pumpkin puree, and whilst we don’t sell a canned version, making…

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Apple, Squash and Sage Sausage Roast

It’s not only apples that are in season at the moment. Squash and pumpkin varieties are also filling our veg section shelves. The sweet and earthy flavours pair beautifully with each other, and when combined with some hearty veggie sausages and bold herbs like sage and rosemary, you’ll be throwing them all in the oven…

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3 Ingredient Crumble!

This month we continue to combine our long established love of seasonal local apples with frugal recipes to bring you flavour and ethics on a budget. Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you have to skip pud! We took up the challenge to figure out an apple crumble recipe that only uses 3 ingredients….

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Veganuary 2022

Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported more than one million people in 192 countries to go vegan for January – and beyond! This year we reminded everyone that unlike many companies jumping on the bandwagon of Veganuary in 2022 “We’ve never sold meat… EVER”. We love to see so many companies now supporting the movement, making it easier…

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