A slice of bakery Life

Have you ever tried our bread? Or any bakery products come to think of it?   If you have, you might want to know some of our secrets in making it sooo good. If you haven’t – well you are in for a treat.     Starting right So we have been baking bread in…

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Seedy Sunday 2024

 is coming – find out more! Did you know Seedy Sunday is on the 4th of February this year?   Or that it’s back at the  Brighton Open Market from 9am to 4.30 pm. It’s free entry but they love a donation!    Seedy Sunday holds a special place in the hearts of Brighton and…

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Start the year right

Start the year right and take yourself to Infinity. As the clock ticks toward a brand new year, seize the opportunity to journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you!  Give your immune system the support it deserves and fortify your digestive health with our wellness essentials.  Eating a good balanced diet is at the heart…

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The Festive time of year

Is about giving Why not wish upon a star to give to one of our three charities? We are donating to these Sussex charities this year. Donating is easy. You just need to grab a token from our tree and take it to the till. All money raised will be donated to the charities, helping…

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Our hidden festive fizz

Hey, can I tell you something? Do you know about a hidden gem in our little shop… the booze cabinet? This well-guarded treasure of the shop is under lock and key, so you will need to ask us to open it. Inside is a treasure of organic, vegan and all-veggie plonk, fizz, beers and general…

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An Interview and farewell to Caroline

Infinity Foods, from its inception, operated as a cooperative under the stewardship of its founders and was officially registered as a workers’ cooperative in 1979. When you think of Infinity Foods, one person undoubtedly stands out to most of you – Caroline. Her journey with Infinity Foods began in the early 1980s, and over the…

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Phthalates – why we never knowingly sell them.

Infinity Foods Shop & Bakery is well-regarded by our customers and the wider community for offering quality products. However, we often receive inquiries about why we don’t sell certain items. The reason is simple – those products don’t meet our strict sourcing criteria. In 2019, our Body Care team made a commitment to never knowingly…

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Co-operative Fortnight: Altogether Different

  What is Co-op Fortnight? Originally launched in 2010, Co-op Fortnight has gone from strength to strength. Co-op Fortnight is organised by Co-operatives UK and is then brought to life through events and sharing stories about the power of co‑operation via social media. This year Infinity Foods and every other co-operative in the UK will…

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Why is fruit and veg so expensive this year?

Since Brexit, the skilled seasonal fruit and vegetable pickers have found it very difficult and not being invited to come to the UK, which resulted in £60m worth of crops rotting in the ground due to a lack of workers according to the National Farmers Union. With last year’s waste, high energy bills and increasingly…

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