Clean your whole house for pennies!


  • DIY cleaning
    • Baking Soda
    • White Vinegar
    • A Lemon
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DIY cleaning products!

At Infinity we take time to stock the best eco friendly cleaning products. Petroleum, bleach and harsh chemicals are a no, and always cruelty free of course. Time is a valuable resource too, so sometimes the convenience of these products wins.

But did you know we sell 3 things that can clean your entire home, floors, freshen washing machines, soften laundry and towels, eliminate odours, clean your oven, and even shine silver? And combined these things will set you back a grand total of *£7.02p

(*price of 1 lemon about 49p, 1ltr bottle of white vinegar £2.47 and 1kg bag of baking soda £4.06, “price correct at time of writing”)


White vinegar, baking soda and a lemon.

That’s it.

Ok well you’ll need a cloth or two as well, and an empty spray bottle, but these super natural and cheap ingredients will have your house sparkling with no chemicals in no time. Just don’t use vinegar on natural stone and marble, or tile grout as it can be corrosive.


What is white vinegar? 

All white vinegar is produced from a fermentation process that converts sugar to alcohol, then into acetic acid, or vinegar. It usually starts ascorn, rice or sugar. We sell French brand La Drogerie Ecologique that is sourced from fermentation from organic agriculture. It is a bit more expensive than the brands you can get at the supermarket, but we love the ethical credentials of ours. If you are a vinegar convert, our warehouse sells a 15l bag-in-box with convenient tap attachment that you can refill from home, making it even more cost effective and low impact.


Multi Purpose Spray

Simply mix equal parts white vinegar and cooled boiled water and decant to your empty spray bottle. Don’t skip boiling the water as this will kill any bacteria that will spoil and shorten the life of your cleaner. Made this way it should last 8 weeks. You can add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance if you want, and a tablespoon of washing up liquid for additional cleaning power.


Use this wherever you would use regular multi purpose, bathroom and kitchen sprays.


Use in place of fabric softener by adding 125ml in the softener drawer with every wash. This has the added benefit of rinsing any races of detergent away and also helps clean your machine. Your clothes won’t smell of vinegar, especially once they’re dry – don’t worry! 


Lemon’s natural citric acid makes them great cleaners. Cut a lemon in half, dip into a dish of baking soda and you have an instant powerful scourer for pans and dirty dishes, the hop, the oven, the sink…anywhere that need a little bit of elbow grease.


Alternatively sprinkle baking soda on all the metallic surfaces that need a clean, like the draining board, sink, hob, and taps etc. Simply rub with a damp cloth or the trusty lemon.


To kill mildew in laundry, 125g baking soda with the detergent in the drawer will boost the clean and kill the mould. Combine with the vinegar as mentioned above for extra softening.

Check out this article from The Spruce for more recipes using these 3 things.