infinity foods


In Store Bakery

We are extremely proud of our bread, which we have been baking on-site since 1976. Since those early days, our range has expanded but the bakery still thrives on its original aims of producing additive-free, freshly baked goods from organic ingredients.

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From the beginning Infinity Foods has been committed to providing unadulterated natural foods. We have an extensive ‘own brand’ range, including our own-mix muesli, grains, pulses, flours, dried fruit and nuts, available in a range of sizes. The majority of products are available certified organic by the Soil Association.

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Fruit & Veg

All of our fruit and vegetables are organic and as much as possible is sourced locally.

Seasonal Veg


Ethically sourced, largely organic, all our pre-packed foods are vegetarian, with most being suitable for vegans.

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body care

We stock an extensive and diverse range of cruelty-free health and beauty products, as well as supplements for supporting general health and wellbeing. We consider quality, the nature of the ingredients and the ethics of our producers – giving each equal weight.




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The products that we use in our homes have huge effects on both our health and the wider environment. Mainstream household products can often contain a cocktail of chemicals some of which are known to be toxic and many with unknown effects.

We have an ever-growing range of household refills. We encourage our customers to reuse packaging and reduce plastic waste.


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