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A story of Fairtrade

Here at Infinity Foods, we care not only about the environment but also about communities. This is why to us the 2022 fair-trade fortnight campaign is so important. The main message this year from the Fair Trade Foundation is about fair trade and how it goes hand in hand with the climate emergency. The story…

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Veganuary 2022

Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported more than one million people in 192 countries to go vegan for January – and beyond! This year we reminded everyone that unlike many companies jumping on the bandwagon of Veganuary in 2022 “We’ve never sold meat… EVER”. We love to see so many companies now supporting the movement, making it easier…

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Seedy Sunday and the Pandemic

In March 2020, Just after Seedy Sunday 2020 had happened, there was a lockdown due to the Covid Pandemic. Seedy Sunday had really wanted to go ahead with the 2021 event but in the end felt it needed to cancel the event and do something with the seeds they had. I asked them a few…

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Seedy Sunday 2022

Seedy Sunday is back as a real life event this year! Save the date 6th of Feb 2022. We had the great pleasure to ask the Co-Chair of Seedy Sunday Kate Harrison some questions about Seedy Sunday Brighton. How did Seedy Sunday become an event? From small beginnings, Brighton and Hove Seedy Sunday began in…

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Feeding you through wild winter!

Here at Infinity Foods shop & bakery, we have everything you could want or need to make a wild, ethical, winter wonderland at home this year. From Gifts for your loved ones to fill your table and bellies with wonderful foods we have you covered. Also by shopping with us you get to support a…

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Local Organic Farm Hero Laines Organic Farm

  My name is Toos Jeuken from Laines Organic Farm At the end of 1978 Toos Jeuken travelled on her bicycle from Holland and began farming here in Cuckfield. Laines Organic Farm grows organic, traditional, seasonal, outdoor fruit and field vegetables for local people and local whole-food shops. The farm is a flourishingly diverse and…

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Local Organic Farm Hero – Bore Place

  My name is Metske van der Laan, I am a Market Gardener at Bore Place. How long have you been farming here and with organic methods?  I first grew 13 years veg for infinity under the name ‘pannel organic’ had to move to another site and am now supplying Infinith 4 years here from Bore…

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why organic?

In the face of climate change, diet related ill-health and widespread decline in wildlife, the need to change our food systems has never been greater. Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming, which include:  Supporting biodiversity and wildlife Helping to combat climate change Reduced…

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Local Organic Farm Hero Hankham Oragnics

My name is Miles Denyer from Hankham Organics I found a huge derelict nursery at Hankham just north of Eastbourne with a 1.5 acre dilapidated glasshouse back in 2000. It took me a while to find out who owned it because the owners lived abroad at the time. They agreed to a tenancy and I…

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A Move For Change

Have you noticed more cars on the road since covid-19 with empty bus and train seats being the norm?  With the easing of restrictions some of this has reverted back to pre covid times. However more of us are on the move, be it to get fit or get around (cycling has really taken off!)….

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